DEK Building Library

The DEK Building Library is a complex database of construction products

The information contained in the DEK Building Library can be accessed from the web interface, the BIM plug-in, or directly from the AEC sector programs.

Program Price DEK Building Library

Using the DEK Building Library is free. There are no charges associated with the use of the Program. Some advanced features require logging in.

Annual price without VAT

Information in library

The DEK building library is divided into two basic sections.

  • Materials and products = what you can order at the builders' merchants.
  • Compositions and systems = the combination of materials and products into functional units.

In both sections, detailed filtering is available to help you find the right products more quickly. The basic information that can be found in the library is.

  • Technical parameters
  • CAD details
  • Price estimation
  • Calculation of heat transfer coefficient
  • Environmental Parameters
  • Data for input into CAD software
Library information


Basic information

BIM DEKSOFT plugin is an electronic tool that allows you to use the BIM DEKSOFT database when using Archicad or Revit. This electronic utility (add-on or plugin) includes a digital library of structures and materials from DEK and its business partners.


DEKSOFT BIM plug-in is available for listed programs.


  • Allplan 2019 - 2022
  • Archicad 19 - 26
  • Archicad SE 2016 - 2021
  • CADKON+ 2019 - 2022
  • Revit 2021 - 2024


  • Archicad 19 - 25

Installation files:

Installer is available in Czech and English. Revit LT (a cheaper version with limited functionality) does not allow the installation of plugins.


Professional programs

Information from the DEK Building Library can also be used in the professional programmes of which the DEK Building Library is a part.

Educational materials

We have prepared a series of videos for the DEK Building Library, which you can find on our YouTube channel HERE.

Revision history


Date of issue Summary of changes
  • The new version of the add-in (2.00) for Windows with Revit 2024 support was released.
  • The new version of the add-in (1.90) for Windows with Archicad 26 support was released.
  • A new version of the add-on (1.89) for Windows with new features has been released.
  • The building library can be permanently opened in a separate window (e.g. on a second monitor), it is no longer necessary to reopen the library when repeated insertion is needed. To open the plug-in permanently, the option "Close plug-in after insertion" = "NO" must be selected in the settings.
  • Allplan - added support for version 2022.
  • Revit - added support for version 2023.
  • Vydána nová verze doplňku (1.90) pro Windows s podporou Archicad 26.
  • The new version of the macOS add-on (1.82) has been released to fix installation issues in the latest version of the system.