DEKSOFT is a web portal. The main content of portal is a set of computing web applications (programs) for the construction industry, especially in the field of energy and building physics. Most DEKSOFT programs have been developed specifically for use in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Some of the programs are applicable also in all other countries. These programs are here mentioned as "For international use" and can be found in the price list.

At present, there are PHOTOVOLTAICS and 3D EDITOR programs in the "For international use" category.
In 2017 we extended the range of "For international use" programs with the program 

It is possible to buy a license for 1 year. 

You can try the program for 14 days for free. For more information visit this page.

DEKSOFT advantages

Cloud solution

We have chosen a cloud solution for the whole DEKSOFT infrastructure. The very fact that you must always be "ONLINE" while working does not have to be very enthusiastic among some people. For desktop programs that were common in the area of software for building energy and physics, Internet access was not necessary. However, the concept of a web-based solution opens up a lot of possibilities and offers many advantages over desktop programs. For example, it is possible to switch between the programs within a single file, faster calculations on powerful servers, easier software updates without the need for installation, simpler updates of product catalogues, programs available from any device (program not tied to a particular PC). Some of the benefits are described further below.


Unbeatable prices and price–performance ratio

Because of the cloud solution, users do not buy DEKSOFT programs as desktop ones for an indefinite period, but only for a certain period, usually one year. This solution allows users to start using programs at a lower price than is common for similar programs. THere is a guarantee for users to keep the programs up-to-date even at the time of changing legislation or standards, without any additional costs. For desktop programs, the user is at risk of spending very high funds on software purchase, and when there is a change of legislation or standards, his program becomes outdated and must pay again for software updates.

By letting users purchase DEKSOFT programs at very low prices for only one year, we have to work very hard to satisfy the users. The sale of the program does not end for us. We must constantly persuade our users about the quality of our programs, which makes us constantly improve our programs. We run the risk that if the quality of the program does not match the user's expectations, the license will not be extended in the following year. Fortunately, this is not the case for us. We appreciate the fact that users extend our software licenses and use programs permanently.

Programs interconnection 

DEKSOFT programs are very closely interconnected. You can switch between the programs within a single file. This allows so-called complex design assessment of the building in terms of thermal analysis, acoustics or energy. It is not necessary to enter the same data repeatedly in each program. This solution also reduces the possibility of errors, since a particular change in one program will be reflected in the second program, and there is no need to think about wherever the change is needed. This solution also makes it easy to compare several different building variants, for example for grant programs. Switching between programs is easy from the page header.