DEKSOFT is giving the BIM issues the highest importance. We run the BIM Building Products Database. The database is designed to be universal. Any product related to building design can be inserted into the database. The database is open, any manufacturer or supplier of products may, based on the terms of the contract, place their products into the database.

The database will be used by specialists using DEKSOFT programs, but also by designers who using CAD programs. Designers using 3D CAD Revit or Archicad can use the database through the BIM DEKSOFT add-on that they can install in their program. Designers using 2D CAD SW can use the database through the program MATERIAL STANDARDS, which allows the export of data in formats such as DXF, DOC, XLS and PDF.

DEKSOFT programs are in the continuous process of "learning" how to communicate with other SW (especially 3D CAD SW) using standardized communication formats. We also strive to integrate our DEKSOFT computational SW directly into 3D CAD programs. We participate in BIM's development activities in the Czech Republic, especially in the field of standardization. Based on the standardization process, we are modifying the BIM database DEKSOFT to suit the design needs of the different BIM standards.