Basic information

BIM DEKSOFT plugin is an electronic tool that allows you to use the BIM DEKSOFT database when using Archicad or Revit. This electronic utility (add-on or plugin) includes a digital library of structures and materials from DEK and its business partners.


Here you can download BIM DEKSOFT plugin for Revit 2016 - 2020 and Archicad 18 - 22 for Windows and macOS. 
It's a new, completely redesigned add-on that offers a number of enhancements. The main enhancements include the possibility of inserting of individual materials one by another, in addition to insertion of structures, improved filtering, control of duplicates, and an ever-expanding range of available products.

Installer is available in Czech and English. Revit LT (cheaper version with limited functionality) does not allow plugins to be installed.

Web user interface

For users who do not use Revit or Archicad, it is possible to see the plugin in the web interface here. The web interface, as well as the plugin itself, allows you to quickly search for structures and materials with the required parameters.

Further development

With the release of second generation of plugin the BIM development is not finnished from our side, because we can see the improvements, we could add. In the following versions we are planning to expand the following features:

  • Insert of objects
  • Extensions for more 3D and 2D programs
  • Validation of information when completing the project if the information is up-to-date
  • Insert of structures and materials without trade names for public procurement projects
  • Set input data by LOD and LOI
  • Surface patterns
  • Etc.