Programs for document creation

Programs intended for use in Czech Republic or in Slovakia


Building energy evaluation program for NZU (Czech grant program). The program uses the results of ENERGETICS, THERMAL ANALYSIS 1D and COMFORT. The output of the program is the only document that can only be authorized and then handed in to the grant application.


Program that allows you to compare building energy solution variants. The calculations from the ENERGETICS application are used for comparison. Detailed economic evaluation is carried out in connection with energy and environmental parameters.


The program makes it easy to view and export the specification of all materials used in building components.


Program for the design of a suitable waterproofing structure based on known building boundary conditions. The assessment is based on the directive of Czech Waterproofing Association 01: Waterproofing Technology - Protection of buildings and structures against the effects of water and humidity.


The program is based on NEMOPAS (Building Inspection) methodology and allows identification of the risks associated with the design of the house, its age and its location. All potential risks of technical failures are explained and basic diagnostic methods are recommended to evaluate the risk of the building while examining it.