Calculation programs

Programs intended for international use


THERMAL ANALYSIS 2D is a program for the calculation and assessment of the building details in terms of heat and vapor transfer (calculation of thermal bonds - linear heat transfer factor, calculation of surface temperatures - temperature factor of the inner surface).


PHOTOVOLTAICS is a specialized program for calculating electricity produced by photovoltaic system.


3D EDITOR is a program for entering 3D geometry of an object and its surroundings. In the current version, 3D inputs are linked to the PHOTOVOLTAICS program and allow precise determination of the shaded part of the photovoltaic system in the calculation of the electricity produced.

Programs intended for use in Czech Republic or in Slovakia


Program for the calculation and assessment of the building energy use intensity with a wide range of applications. 


Program for the calculation and assessment of the building components in terms of heat and vapor transfer. The program includes various calculation assistants to take into account the systematic thermal bridges, the influence of the connections on the diffusion resistance factor of the material and others. Catalogues of materials, structures and boundary conditions are available. 


Program for calculating flow velocity, temperature and humidity conditions in the ventilated air cavities. The results can be compared with the requirements set in Czech standard ČSN 73 0540-2.


Program for calculating the summer and winter thermal stability of the rooms. For the summer season, the air temperature in the room is determined. For the winter season, the cooling of the room is determined after heating is interrupted. The results can be compared with the requirements of standard ČSN 73 0540-2.


Program for calculations of airborne sound insulation properties of building elements. Using the program it is possible to calculate the sound insulation of single structures and double structures.     


ANTIRADON is a program for calculation of concentration of radon penetrating from the subsoil into the building interior. Using the program, it is possible to design proper anti-radon measures.


Program for calculation of the heat loss of individual rooms in the building to determine the appropriate size of the radiators and size of the pipes for water based central heating.