Basic information

THERMAL ANALYSIS 2D is a program for the calculation and assessment of building details (calculation of thermal bridges - linear heat transfer factor, calculation of surface temperatures - temperature factor of the inner surface). The main features of the program are:

You can try the program for 14 days for free. For more information visit this page.

Thermal Analysis 2D window

Thermal Analysis 2D results window

User's manual

The User's manual for Thermal Analysis 2D is available for download here.

Video preview

You can find a preview of the program in the following video (we recommend watching the video in full-screen mode). There are a total of 4 videos dedicated to each program area. Videos are in Czech, but there are also English subtitles available.

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Video 1 - Geometry input

Video 2 - Materials and boundary conditions input

Video 3 - Calculation and results

Video 4 - Additional calculations and protocol