ENERGETICS is a program for the calculation and assessment of energy use intensity with a wide range of applications. Using the program, you can create:

  • Energy Performance Certificate of the building according to Czech 78/2013 Coll.
  • Energy certificate and energy assessment according to Slovak legislation
  • Energy Efficiency Outputs to the NZU Grant Program
  • Energy Envelope Label according to ČSN 73 0540-2
  • Calculations for BREEAM certification - ENE 01 credit

The outputs of the program include:

  • specific heat demand for heating
  • specific cooling demand for cooling
  • supplied energy for heating, cooling, ventilation, air humidity conditioning, hot water heating and lighting per year
  • total energy delivered per year
  • total primary energy per year
  • non-renewable primary energy per year
  • average heat transfer coefficient

Calculations are based on the following standards:

  • EN ISO 13790 - Energy performance of buildings - Calculation of energy use for space heating and cooling
  • ISO 13789 - Thermal performance of buildings - Transmission and ventilation heat transfer coefficients - Calculation method
  • EN ISO 13370 - Thermal performance of buildings - Heat transfer via the ground - Calculation methods
  • EN 15316-3-1 - Heating systems in buildings - Method for calculation of system energy requirements and system efficiencies - Part 3-1: Domestic hot water systems, characterisation of needs (tapping requirements)
  • TNI 73 0302 - Energy efficiency assessment of solar thermal systems - Simplified calculation procedure

The program also contains catalogues with values according to TNI 73 0331 Energy performance of buildings - Typical values for calculation.