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The program VARIANTS offers a unique solution for processing energy audits and energy assessments. The program automatically creates tables according to the Decree 480/2012 Coll. (in the original version and as amended by Decree 309/2016 Coll.).

The VARIANT program provides a comparison for:

  • Recommended measures to reduce the energy performance of a building
  • Feasibility analysis of alternative energy supply systems
  • Energy Assessment according to Decree 480/2012 Coll. 
  • Energy audit according to Decree 480/2012 Coll. 
  • Energy Review for OPŽP (Czech grant program)

Main features of the program

  • Generating tables and cover sheets according to Decree 480/2012 Coll.
  • Detailed economic evaluation (simple payback time Ts, real return time Tsd, internal rate of return IRR, net present value NPV)
  • Detailed evaluation of ecological parameters (solid pollutants, SO2, NOx, CO, VOC, PM10, PM2,5, NH3, EPS, CO2)
  • Possibility to import results into the program ENERGETICS